Dave’s Bio

Dave Lawson was born inCentral Pennsylvania, the tenth of eleven children.  In the late 1960’s, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving a tour of duty in the Vietnam War.  Upon his return to the States, Dave was stationed at Dover Air Force Base in Dover,Delaware.  Honorably discharged in 1969, Dave secured a position as a police officer in Milford, Delaware, where he served the City of Milford for 4 years.  In 1973, he joined the Delaware State Police.  He married and raised two of his children, Darren and Mindy, in Harrington,Delaware.

Active as a volunteer in many community groups, Dave served both the young people of his community as a manager, coach and president of the Harrington Little League and also the community as a whole through his work as a Volunteer Firefighter with the Harrington Fire Company.

Dave progressed through the ranks of the Delaware State Police, serving the citizens of Kent and Sussex Counties as a Trooper, earning solid evaluations from his superiors.  During his tenure with the State Police, Dave also served as Commander of the Special Operations Response Team and spent two years as a detective.  He advanced to the rank of Lieutenant in the Delaware State Police, and he was given the responsibility of Director of Firearms Training.

Accepting this advancement in an effective and efficient manner, Dave researched firearms safety and the best means for operating a firearms range for law enforcement professionals and civilians and became well educated on this subject.  His advice and guidance was sought not only by his fellow officers but also by his superiors and others involved in the operation of police shooting ranges.

Upon his retirement from service to the Delaware State Police in 1993, he enlisted the assistance of a partner in the construction of an indoor shooting range located on Route 13, near Cheswold, Delaware which became Shooter’s Choice.  His extensive experience, knowledge and skills gave him the edge in setting the standard for safety in firearms training.  In 2005, Dave became the sole owner of Shooter’s Choice.

Dave’s experience allowed him to build a safe and environmentally friendly, indoor shooting range that allows civilians interested in firearms to learn and practice firearms skills in a controlled and safe environment.  It also provides a place for law enforcement professionals to train and perfect their skills, helping them to more effectively and safely serve the public and also to ensure that the officers have the best possible chance of returning home safely to their families every day.

Shooter’s Choice is also a retail store that offers firearm products and related items.  Dave’s emphasis throughout his law enforcement career and to the present has been on firearms training and safety.  He regularly teaches courses in both these topics to both civilians and law enforcement and also makes presentations to criminal justice students and 4H members.  In addition, Dave teaches a comprehensive course for those eligible and desirous of obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit.

Dave recently sold Shooter’s Choice but remains active as Director of Training.  He continues to teach regularly, passing on his passion for the importance of training and safety to his many students.

Dave is married to Donna and they have a young son, Zachary.  His grown children, Darren and Mindy, are both married with families of their own and have provided Dave with three beautiful granddaughters.  All of Dave’s children are enthusiastic advocates of his run for office.

Dave is an active member of the NRA and supports the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.  Dave is well known in Legislative Hall for his knowledgeable advocacy of the 2nd Amendment and for his tenacious defense of the rights of Americans.